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Keyboard Retainer Clip Type Support

We provide laptop keyboard retainer clip type support via an email response with a link. The link we provide is a direct link to the ordering page for your specific keyboard type, which is determined by one of our laptop key customer support specialists.

This link DOES NOT alter, modify or update your existing shopping cart in at way. It is extremely important that you select the key(s) from the webpage we provide in our response. If no action is taken, you may inadvertently purchase the incorrect parts.

If you have keys already in your cart for the same keyboard, you will need to remove them from your cart before proceeding.

Here is an example: Suppose you are trying to determine which retainer clip type fits your laptop. You choose part A and add it to your cart. Being unsure of your selection, you contact our support team and we provide you with a link for part B. When you click on this link, you will still have part A in your shopping cart. The link we provide you allows you to add part B to your shopping cart, but does not automatically remove part A and add part B. This action must be taken by the end user (you) before completing your purchase.