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Replacement Laptop Keys

Many people come to us and ask us "I am missing one key on my keyboard, shold I replace it or just get a new keyboard?"  Let's look at the choices: replacing the keyboard typically costs over $100 from the manufacturer.  You only want to purchase from the OEM and not some foreign knock off company that copy cat OEM laptop keyboards.  Purchasing a new genuine OEM laptop keyboard ensures fitment, quality and durability.  On to of the $100+ bill, typically a professional computer repair ... read more

Laptop Replacement Keys for Dell

Dell computers are one of the most popular choices for both mobile and desktop applications.  Over the past two and a half decades, Dell computers have proven to be well built, robust machines that perform excellent and are well within the price range of the average consumer.  Becasue of this, Dell is now a household name when it comes to personal computing.  Over the years, Dell has produced many models like the entry level, budget minded Inspiron, the business geared Latitude and Vostro, ... read more

Why there are so many retainer clip types

Why is there more than one type of retainer clip for the same laptop model?

Believe it or not, this is a question we get asked all the time.  To purchase a laptop key repair kit, you need to tell us your make, model, then choose the style of retainer clip you have.  This is not something that we do just to annoy our customers, it is a very important step as often times, a laptop manufacturer will have several variations ... read more

Removing a Laptop Key from the Keyboard

To observe the configuration of the retainer clip hinge type, the laptop key needs to be removed.  During the purchasing process, it is often necessary for the retainer clip type to be identified.  In the case that the key cap is not removed already (suppose the laptop key is simply worn out or damaged and needs to be replaced), below are tips and tricks to safely remove the laptop key cap for hinge identification.

The easiest and most common method for removal ... read more

Replacing or Repairing Laptop Keys

Many people own a laptop or notebook and most find it an essential part of their life. Some use it for work while others use it for play. Regardless of the use, many people who own laptop computers need them to work properly and efficiently. One common problem with laptop keyboards is that the plastic keys pop off, get lost or are damaged. This impedes productivity and looks plain unprofessional and unappealing. Luckily, we offer laptop replacement keys and key repair kits for ... read more

How To Clean Your Laptop Keyboard Quickly

Tips and Tricks for cleaning your laptop keyboard keys

We clean all around our house- we sanitize door knobs, faucets, the kitchen sink…  How many of us clean our keyboards on our laptops?  My guess is not too many of us actually complete this task.  Fortunately, it’s easy and can be done without damaging your computer, not to mention that it is a quick cleaning task that can be done weekly.

  • First, turn off your laptop and unplug the ... read more

Installing the Rubber Cup on Laptop Keyboard

How to Install the Rubber Spring Cup on Your Laptop Keyboard

The rubber spring cup is the piece that lays underneath the key cap, in the middle of the retainer clip. The rubber spring cup serves three functions:

1) To return the key cap to its resting position (fully up) after pressing it down

2) Provides tactile feedback to let your fingers know that you have made a keystroke, and

3) Allows the electrical connection ... read more