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Replacement Laptop Keys

Many people come to us and ask us "I am missing one key on my keyboard, shold I replace it or just get a new keyboard?"  Let's look at the choices: replacing the keyboard typically costs over $100 from the manufacturer.  You only want to purchase from the OEM and not some foreign knock off company that copy cat OEM laptop keyboards.  Purchasing a new genuine OEM laptop keyboard ensures fitment, quality and durability.  On to of the $100+ bill, typically a professional computer repair shop needs to perform the installation because replacing the keyboard normally requires dissasembly and removal of static sensitive parts.  That's at least another $75.  Most repair shops do not have an immeadiate turn around so you will be without a laptop for 1-2 weeks and this is if you don't send it off in the mail.  When it's all said and done, replacing the keyboard has cost you over $200 and 2 weeks of down time.

On the other hand, purchasing a replacement laptop key from, the genuine OEM replacement laptop key will arrive in roughly 2-3 days and the installation takes just minutes with out helpful step-by-step video illustrated installation guides we provide for free.  The key kits are normally $4.79 a piece and ship quickly.  This means little cost, minimal down time and a perfect fit and finish for your laptop keyboard.  The choice is easy, is where to buy laptop keys for your computer to get you back up and running in no time.