Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the list of questions below. If your question is listed, click on the question to view it.

What is included with my purchase?
I can't determine my retainer clip type, can you help?
I need just the plastic retainer clips, no key cap. Do you sell this?
I need just the rubber spring cup. Do you sell this?
Can I just buy the key caps without the retainer clips?
I need to return or exchange some parts. What do I do?
I need to view/print my order receipt. How do I do that?
The retainer clip I received is not the correct type. What do I do?
I ordered the full repair kit but I don't see the plastic retainer clip.
Is this transaction secure?
Will my part be in stock?
Are these blank keys?
When will I receive my order?
How much is shipping?
Where do you ship from?
What is your customer service telephone number?
I have not received my item. What do I do?
Is a tracking number provided?
My computer model is not listed, do you have it?
Do you sell mouse/touchpad buttons (left or right click)?
Do you sell the pointer stick covers? (The rubber tips that cover the pointer stick)
I have a desktop or wireless keyboard, do you sell parts for this?
Do you sell keys for international (non English) keys?
My keys don't work or are unresponsive, will this fix it?